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Traditional teaching is typically focused on a subject and discipline.(Math, History, etc.)
Design based teaching is focused on projects may involve several subjects and disciplines.
In traditional teaching the teacher chooses the subject and delivers information about it.
In design based teaching the student develops project goals, information, ideas, and proposals and then carries them out with the support of the teacher.
Traditional teaching focuses on established ideas and what has happened in the past.
Design based teaching focuses on what could be, and what might work to achieve worthwhile goals. It encourages students to generate and analyse their own ideas.
In traditional teaching teachers know and tell
In design based teaching, teachers encourage students to express themselves, present and explain their ideas, and to understand and interpret what others present.
In traditional teaching the student is frequently passive
In design based teaching pupils actively engage in a project and work with others to make it successful.
Traditional Teaching often uses standardized curriculum and tests to evaluate what is learned.
Design Based Teaching relies on self assessment and reflection to help the student evaluate their own progress and learn from it.
Traditional Teaching emphasizes knowledge that has been developed by others.
Design based teaching emphasizes the student's development of knowledge.
The Goals for Teaching Design Thinking
Traditional Versus Design Based Teaching
Instructional Strategies Using I DeSiGN
Teaching Tactics Using I DeSiGN
Implementing Design Learning Experiences

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