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The goals for teaching design thinking skills are to teach young people:
To recognize and apply different ways of thinking as they learn different subjects.
To become more effective in their use of different ways of thinking, and
To be critically aware of what they are doing, how well they are doing it, and how to evaluate what they are doing.

The rationale for this approach is: If young people can successfully recognize, apply and remember different ways of thinking they will learn how to manage, define, organize, communicate, carry out, evaluate and learn the subjects they address.

It is more important for students to learn how to think clearly and act effectively to achieve worthwhile goals than to learn facts or techniques that may become obsolete. Young people need to develop their abilities to think and act effectively in any situation they encounter and to acquire thinking skills that they can use for any subject - skills they can develop and use throughout their lives.
The Goals for Teaching Design Thinking
Traditional Versus Design Based Teaching
Instructional Strategies Using I DeSiGN
Teaching Tactics Using I DeSiGN
Implementing Design Learning Experiences

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