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I stand for intending
To intend you decide what you want or need to accomplish, focus on the circumstances involved and direct your thoughts and actions toward your goal.
D stands for Defining.
To define you identify and describe the elements of your project and the information and resources that will be useful in reaching your goal.
e stands for Exploring
To explore you relate the elements you have defined, imagine possibilities regarding them that are related to your goal and analyze which is the best idea or approach to develop further.
S stands for Suggesting
To suggest you propose the form your solution will take or the plan of action you will follow, and present, communicate and explain it so that others will understand your objectives.
i stands for Innovating
To innovate you implement your plan of action or concept, constantly improving your skill and results to produce or perform what you intended to do.
G stands for Goal getting
To reach your goal, you observe, judge and measure what has been accomplished and evaluate whether your intentions have been fulfilled, revising your activities until you achieve your goals.
N stands for Knowing
To know, you remember and reflect on your experience to learn from it, to integrate it into what you already know and to look for future applications of the knowledge you have gained.
The I DeSiGN Model
Fundamental Ways of Thinking
What do you do? How do you know?
The I DeSiGN Model Simplified.
Shorter Forms of the I DeSiGN Model
Interpreting I DeSiGN

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